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“You can’t separate working life from private life. It’s all life!”

(Götz W. Werner, founder of dm)


We believe that the future of work has only just begun. With new ideas and flexible solutions for the intelligent connection between work and private life. With new values, such as variety, curiosity, cooperation, and thinking in interconnected networks. With new approaches to development and opportunities. And with a new definition of what makes up a workplace.

This future needs a home. A home that corresponds with our human nature. In an ecosystem where ideas sprout, business thrives, and each individual can develop their full potential. A place where we can work better. Together. Every day.

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”



The megatrend New Work will radically change the world of work. The transformation of work as we know it into new work models and structures is the logical consequence of our digital, globalised, interconnected reality. Concepts such as sharing, co-working, work-life blending are just the beginning of this development:

More and more people understand that the world of work can be moulded, and are beginning to adapt their work schedule and workspace to their needs and ideas.

More and more businesses are getting to grips with the idea that business ideas are formed through flexibility, interdisciplinarity and a continuous exchange of knowledge in strongly interconnected teams.

And there is a growing demand for sustainable solutions that provide a home for these developments. This is about much more than representative office and co-working spaces with room for ideas and exchange: what is needed are new ecosystems that actively promote joint growth and put people at the forefront.

If someone tells you your idea is crazy, don’t listen to them.

“If you love what you do, you’ll be successful.”

(Albert Schweitzer)


Inspired by nature, we bring new life to urban locations and allow new projects and ideas to grow among green spaces.

Instead of boring offices, abandoned laboratories and disused halls, new space and service concepts are sprouting up. Whether the seeds are only just sprouting, or the company is already flourishing – each of our locations offers ideal growth conditions.

In a biotope of ideas and in symbiosis with others, The Plant offers personal and entrepreneurial development prospects.



The Plant is a concept for future-oriented work and office types, borne out of the desire to meet the needs for a better working environment today.

From so-called campus properties, which, as office buildings, are characterised by flexible space concepts with representative value and a high urban quality of stay, we create living spaces that reflect all areas of daily life.

Through our marketplace-creating management, we promote and bring to life the neighbourhood on our campus: Design, ambience, and atmosphere are brought together and connected by future-oriented “serving” technologies.